Parent Input

Some parents wish their child did not have access to certain types of books. If your child has nightmares, you might not want them to have access to books that cause their nightmares.  Also, you may not want your child reading certain types of series, because you do not agree with the author or subject.  We have forms available for you to approve what you would like your child to check out. These forms were given out during Meet the Teacher. If you did not receive one, or need another, please contact me via email at krista.saulter@lvisd.org.

Check Out

Students visit the library once each week.  Kindergarten students check out one book per week.  First and second grade students check out two books per week.

If a student does not return their library book(s), they will not be able to check out.  Students are responsible for replacing books that have been lost, stolen, or damaged.


Behavior Notices

Library rules and expectations have been reviewed weekly.  Our goal is to give all students an enjoyable and safe experience in the library.  The Library follows the school wide Accountable Bear Behavior System.  Students will receive behavior notices when warranted.  Our behavior notices are meant to reinforce desired skills in the library and communicate to parents and teachers the positive/negative behaviors exhibited in the library.

Books with CDs 

Students are allowed to check out books with CDs after parents have returned the library permission slips.  When students listen as they read along in a book, they improve both fluency and comprehension.

Students may only check out ONE CD and book at a time. CDs can be quite expensive, ranging from $15 to $20, depending on the length of the book.  Students are responsible for replacing any item if lost or stolen.


Library Schedule